How It Works

SchollyLife is the media division of Scholarship For Athletes. SchollyLife is dedicated to educating young athletes about the recruiting process while teaching them key life skills simultaneously. The SchollyGuide is a step-by-step video guide derived from the SFA system. In addition to the SchollyGuide, SchollyLife has a YouTube channel, Facebook fan page, and twitter account to share educational content on a weekly basis.
The “LIFE” in SchollyLife represents what we strive to provide for student athletes of all ages. The recruiting process is the ideal opportunity for student athletes to learn essential life skills.
The SchollyGuide integrates the following into the recruiting process:How to ace a job interview
How to build relationships
How to network
These skills are essential during the recruiting process and student athletes will use them for the rest of their lives.

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Click on sign up button and register for the SchollyGuide.
Go to the resource center and download the syllabus.
Watch the videos, answer the questions in the syllabus and complete the action items.
If additional help is needed SFA consulting is available.